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22 mai 2006 @ 22:53
Civil III - the end of ze karma \o/  
I would just like to leave a statement on the subject somewhere, so:


You got rid of your Civil Karma! *o*

Once again, congratulations. So proud of you, girlfriend. *gives DVD hugs*

Looks like all the typing was actually good for something.
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Current Location: Your grandfather's.
my spirit: so cooooold ._.
your voice: You speaking about Calixto.
Paradoxo Mentalparadoxo_mental on le 23 mai 2006 05:57 (UTC)
Paradoxo Mentalparadoxo_mental on le 23 mai 2006 05:59 (UTC)
Ou melhor... hallelujah! *checa google pra ver se escreveu certo... YEY*

Your faith was strong but you needed proof

Civil (L), antes que não dê mais tempo.
Lu: Amazingnancy_downs on le 23 mai 2006 21:35 (UTC)
Yay! *_*

You saw her bathing on the roof...

Antes que não dê mais tempo? o.O'
Christy Corr: All work and no play.christycorr on le 23 mai 2006 23:04 (UTC)
Antes da próxima prova? x.x É só dia 19/6 o/