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05 novembre 2006 @ 22:28
I hope you've enjoyed all the celebrations, and I promise you I'll give you the presents as soon as those arrive. It's becoming a tradition this general gift-lateness.

Happy 19th!

Love. =*
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06 août 2006 @ 02:17
Just because I made one of these two semesters ago--and now you can actually post yours, too. *grins*

Class schedule for 2006.2Réduire )
17 juillet 2006 @ 22:21
"If someone had told me, one year and a day ago, that we would be like this right now, I would never have believed it."

All I can say to this is: right back at you.

That night was pretty bizarre, but, in a way, not unexpected. I just didn't think we would last this long. I didn't even think we would snog again, let alone start dating. But, against all odds, even though our friends all knew before we did that all of this would happen here we are.

It's nice to look back and see the different phases we went through, how our relationship changed, how we've both grown up and that, like you said, how nowadays we can say just about anything face to face and discuss any problems we have. I'll do my best to make things better after this "one year crisis", and I hope you know you can always tell me if something's bugging you, like you've always told me I could do.

I love you, Blanket (and all the other identities I've given you in the last year). Very, very much. óò

"Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Banana Phone! I've got this feeling, so appealing, for us to get together and sing. SING!" I would quote Whiskey Lullaby, but that's been done way too many times. So, there you go: another song that defines our relationship. *grins*

Ps: I suck at writing cute posts, I know.

ETA: I love you, Pillow.
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11 juin 2006 @ 00:47
Seeing you happy makes me happy. Nothing more cliché, yet nothing more true.

I'm still sappy and stupid, and I never know what to say. I'm sorry I couldn't express myself properly. ._.

You're the best girlfriend I could ever find. Thank you for being there to me whenever I needed. Thank you for everything, Christy. I'm so lucky to have you.

I will love you always, and forever. \o/

ETA: Thank you so much for the gifts. They were great. *__*
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28 mai 2006 @ 18:24
Io ti amo, mia molto bella ragazza. \o/
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22 mai 2006 @ 22:53
I would just like to leave a statement on the subject somewhere, so:


You got rid of your Civil Karma! *o*

Once again, congratulations. So proud of you, girlfriend. *gives DVD hugs*

Looks like all the typing was actually good for something.
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01 mai 2006 @ 17:11
Discworld reading order. =D Enjoy.

I'm so... wrong. My reading order's all screwed up!

Look!Réduire )
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30 avril 2006 @ 19:34
With our whole "joking about going to São Paulo" thing, I remembered of our last time at Imperial Hall. Just wanted to leave it registered here:

[Imperial Hall lobby, 3 AM, July the 26th]
Guy: "Ok, so your room is 406".
Chris: "Is is a double bed?"
Guy: "Hum, no. It's two single beds."
Chris: "Could you make it a double?"
Guy: "Hum. Sure."

My girlfriend coming out of the closet. So proud! *hugs*

Post scriptum: You found Eddie! \o/
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01 avril 2006 @ 23:10
*sighs* *inhales*

You know? Sometimes we're just too pathetic to funtion. ¬¬'

Ok, so imagine this (you have to imagine with two people. It's swell with two people): we're in the same room, different computers and... IMing each other instaed of talking.

A bit of ze conversation:Réduire )

Ok, I've talked to people on the net while on the phone. I even e-mailed my dad when he was home to ask him something. Now this is just too much.

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29 mars 2006 @ 23:35
Boil'em, mash'em, stick'em in a stew

I've just remembered... Lu. You don't like tomatoes, you FREAK.

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